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Welcome to Wailea Photography Maui by Jonelle Littleton!

Wailea Photography is headed by professional Maui photographer, Jonelle Littleton who specializes in providing unique, creative outdoor beach family portraits, senior portraits, maternity photos, engagement photos, weddings and events on the island of Maui! Although based out of Wailea, there are no fees associated with her travel requirements to Kihei, Ka’anapali, Kapalua, Lahaina or Paia. Wherever you stay, she’ll be there on time and ready to shoot.

Maui Photographer- Jonelle Littleton

Aloha!  I am Maui Photographer, Jonelle Littleton.  I believe that when you love what you do, your passion shows. I have been living my dream on Maui since 2010, when I started Wailea Photography and I am so grateful for my wonderful clients that make it all possible.

I followed my heart to Maui in 2006 and quickly discovered photography as a way to combine my passion for the technical with my passion for art. My life and artistic style also strive to achieve balance. I combine an artistic eye with a deep understanding of lighting to capture stunning portraits amid the breathtaking beauty of Maui. My passion shows in my positive, outgoing sessions that aren’t shy about giving direction to achieve a vision, while maintaining distance, at times, to capture the candid moments as well. Please contact me today to make your appointment! “

My Story

In 2006, I received a Bachelor’s of Science in Biochemistry from Texas A&M University Corpus Christi and moved to Maui 10 days later. BioChemistry didn’t make a lot of sense to my family (a long line of talented artists, each with a different medium), but they supported my decision. My mom paints life-like wildlife on saws. My brother creates intricate welding art. My Grandfather does amazing pen- and-inks and my Grandmother painted wall-sized murals (one resembling the Sistine Chapel). I have always been very creative, but when I tried my hand at each of these mediums, I became frustrated with not being able to get my vision to the surface quickly enough. In other words, I lacked the patience. So, I decided to pursue my other passion: figuring out “how things work”. The thing that interested me the most was the human body, so I pursued a degree in BioChemistry. It wasn’t until I moved to Maui in 2006 and met another photographer, that I realized photography encompassed everything that I was passionate about. It combined my love of people with my love of the technical, the creativity,  and the instant results. I just knew it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I worked under that photographer for 4 years as her assistant, learning and absorbing before starting my own business in 2010. With technology improving constantly, my passion for balance keeps me forever a student, constantly perfecting my art.

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